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Our Materials and  Process

Each Rudolf Heltzel piece is made from gold from an RJC (Recyclable Jewellery Council) certified facility in Germany that derives all its precious metal from Urban Mining. Furthermore, they are also certified by the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) as well as the LPPM (The London Platinum and Palladium Market.

The recycled gold uses significantly less energy than the average needed (and orders of magnitude less than newly mined gold), as well as being the first recycled gold to be certified carbon neutral. A guide for metals can be found here.

Our diamonds are bought from a trusted diamond merchant in Antwerp. As well as insisting on diamonds that are chosen and cut to the highest standards (so that they are as ‘lively’ as they possibly can be), the diamonds are all naturally conflict-free and have gone through multiple other checks in order to be traded through our diamond merchant, himself a member of the Diamond Council in Antwerp.

Partly because we make jewellery using the most ancient of jewellery making techniques, we choose to only use natural gemstones in our pieces, diamonds included; we take great pride in our work and go to extra lengths to make sure each diamond is cut to an exceptional standard, but we also feel that the connection with hundreds of millions of years of the Earth’s history (the youngest natural diamonds were formed over 500 million years ago, most over a billion years ago!), as well as the almost unbelievable journey diamonds have had to make in order to reach us, is particularly relevant to the important and beautiful sentiments associated with engagement rings and jewellery pieces.