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About Us

Rudolf Heltzel, the Irish luxury house best known for its stunning high-end pendants and unique engagement rings, was founded in 1968 by Rudolf Heltzel.

The brand’s expertise lies in the execution of their own designs using ancient techniques on precious metals and the finest gemstones.

Rudolf Heltzel jewellery remains within the family and his son Christopher Heltzel is proud to carry the torch of a quality jewellery tradition into another generation.

The creations are extravagant and elegant, timeless in their design, and made entirely by hand.

Quality. Integrity. Beauty. These are the guiding values at Rudolf Heltzel.

Our promise is to only produce wonderful, exceptionally well-crafted pieces in an ethically sound way.

“When a woman wears a Rudolf Heltzel article she will feel proud and special in the knowledge that this rare piece of art is hers alone.

She owns something that no one else has had or can have.”

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Good safety standards (About ethical mines)

When we purchase diamonds or gemstones we try to ensure that they come from ethical mines which endeavour to have good safety standards in place to protect workers.

All our precious metal comes from an RJC (Recyclable Jewellery Council) certified facility in Germany that derives all its precious metal from Urban Mining. Furthermore, they are also certified by the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) as well as the LPPM (The London Platinum and Palladium Market), which guarantee due-diligence in making sure none of its gold or platinum is derived from sources that have harmed human rights and have not supported any criminal activity.

Also, we make sure that the gold we use is now CO2 neutral

CO2 Neutral Gold

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